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The French consume less and less wine

Every year, a French man consumes on average 51.2 liters of wine a year, 28% less than in 2000.

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The French drink less and less wine: consumption fell by 21.7% between 2000 and 2017, according to statistics from the International Wine Organization (OIV). In 2017, France's consumption was reduced to 27 million hectoliters of wine against 34.5 million in 2000.

Meanwhile, the United States became the world's largest consumer country in 2011, with 32.6 million hectoliters of wine in 2017 compared with 21.2 million in 2000 (+ 53%).

On the other hand, Europeans remain largely in the lead in the consumption of wine (with or without bubbles) per adult inhabitant, in 2016:

  • Portugal : 51.4 liters absorbed per capita in 2016 (compared to 53.2 liters in 2000);
  • la France : 51.2 liters (compared to 71.5 liters in 2000, a drop of 28.4%);
  • Italy : 43.6 liters;
  • Germany : 28.3 liters;
  • Spain : 24.1 liters;
  • United States : 12.1 liters.

The statistics are calculated by dividing the total consumption of a country by the number of adult inhabitants and exclude tourism consumption, says the OIV.

"60% down over the last fifty years"

"France is on a long-term trend of lower volume consumption of all alcoholic beverages"explains Alexis Capitan, managing director of the association Avec modération, supported by the profession.

"Over the last fifty years, we must be at least 60% down. [Mais] the phenomenon of increasing the range of wine consumption observed in recent years – less but better – is still relevant today. "

Indeed, the annual budget devoted to the purchase of alcoholic beverages remains firm, at 325.3 euros in 2017, or 4.8 euros less than in 2016, but 24 euros more than ten years ago, according to the Kantar Worldpanel research company.

In addition, the decline in consumption volumes "Does not mean that the French do not have a problem with alcoholism or excessive consumption"warns Mr Capitan: " If the binge drinking is declining among young people, it remains a stable figure of 8 to 10% of consumers who have a problem with alcohol and have risky consumption. "

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