Yoann Barbereau wants the French authorities to resolve his case after he was sentenced to 15 years in labor colony in Russia for sexual intercourse with his underage daughter, a folder made according to him.

According to his lawyer, the sentence passed on his name Barbereau in Russia is not “definitive”. In this context, he urged the opening of a judicial investigation in France. The lawyer also asked that Barbereau and his family to be compensated for damages.

“we See a failure of French diplomacy, which he didn’t know to protect an agent of his,” he said.

On the other hand, the former director of the French Alliance of Irkutsk intends to sue the Russian state for the violence suffered during the arrest, extortion of money, theft of personal information from his computer and taps on your private life.

Yoann Barbereau and submitted the story on Friday, 48 hours after his return in France.

Accused of pedophilia, the frenchman says he is targeting a record produced because of the relationship his friendship with the mayor Irkuțkului, a political opponent of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

He managed to flee from house arrest, has been locked up for a year at the Embassy of France in Moscow, and then crossed the Russian border illegally, after he came face to face with wolves in a forest and was protected from the bullets of snipers.

the Man is full of criticism of French diplomacy, stating that he acted with cowardice and has allowed Russia “to play” with him.

in the meantime, the Russian authorities have announced that Yoann Barbereau will be covered by a new file, this time for illegal border crossing.

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