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The frequencies of TNT will change, what to do to find your channels?

A TV and its remote control (illustration). – P. Sautier – Sipa

  • Frequencies of TNT change in the night from Monday to Tuesday in Brittany and Lower Normandy.
  • The broadcast of the television channels will be stopped from 1am.
  • Homes receiving rake antenna TV will have to do an automatic channel search on Tuesday morning.

If you're a nightmare fan, you're likely to end up with a black screen next night. But do not panic, no need to throw your TV through the window.

If you live in Brittany or in certain departments
Normandy (Calvados, Orne and Manche), everything is normal. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, the technicians of
TDF will carry out the reorganization of the frequencies of the
TNT in these regions.

Why these changes?

"Between 1am and 8am, there will be no more TV," says Gaëlle Kaminsky, development manager at TDF. The transmitters of the six sites of the main network – such as that of Saint-Pern for Ille-et-Vilaine – will thus be stopped at 1am.

The goal, explains Jacques Faucher, TNT project manager at TDF, is to "free up bandwidth for mobile operators". These frequencies are transferred to allow the latter to improve the mobile coverage and deployment of 4G.

Which channels will change frequencies?

The operation has been carried out successively throughout France since October 2017, with Brittany and Lower Normandy being the 11th of the 13 geographical areas affected by DTT frequency changes. However, it will not affect all channels of DTT.

Grouped by "packets" called multiplex, they will change frequencies according to the zones. In Ille-et-Vilaine, for example, the redevelopment will impact only the channels of a single multiplex: 6ter, Arte, France 5, M6 and W9.

Who is concerned ?

What to do then to find the chains lost this Tuesday morning? It all depends on the reception mode. Viewers receiving television by ADSL (box), fiber optic, satellite or cable will in principle no manipulation to perform.

Only homes equipped with a rake antenna attached to the roof are concerned, that is still 58% of the Breton population and 600,000 viewers in Ille-et-Vilaine.

TDF technicians will notably intervene on the site of the transmitter of Rennes Saint-Pern in the night from Monday to Tuesday.
TDF technicians will notably intervene on the site of the transmitter of Rennes Saint-Pern in the night from Monday to Tuesday. – Mr Pavard / 20 Minutes

What manipulation will it do?

For all those, it will be necessary just after the return to service, around 8am – or a little earlier – this Tuesday, start an automatic search for channels with the remote control ("menu" buttons then "search channels" on most models).

People living in a multi-family building must, however, check with their lessor or trustee that work has been done to adapt the collective antenna to the new frequency plan.

In case of problem, information media are made available to the public: you can log on the website or call 0970.818.818. Whether you are fans of C in the air on France 5 or Marseille on W9, everything is done so that you do not miss the next broadcast of your favorite program.


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