The full details of Mohammed Mounir's surgery are revealed by his medical team, not serious or surprising

The full details of Mohammed Mounir's surgery are revealed by his medical team, not serious or surprising

A medical source at Dar El Fouad Hospital denied all reports of the seriousness of the condition of singer Mohamed Mounir and his emergency surgery. He confirmed that the date of the surgery was determined previously, in coordination with the singer, taking into account his technical obligations. He pointed out that the surgery was performed in the ureter, Intensive care is not required, and the singer is expected to leave the hospital a few days later. The medical source who supervised Mounir’s treatment confirmed that he did not know the source of the rumors about the seriousness of the singer’s condition, his heart surgery, or cosmetic surgery, stressing that the singer had previously suffered medical problems in the ureter. According to its technical obligations. The operation was successful. Like any patient undergoing surgery, the recovery room was placed until the health condition stabilized and the anesthesia recovered. After that, it was transferred to a normal room. A number of close associates of Munir issued statements that raised the concern of his fans about the seriousness of his health, after the disclosure of undergoing surgery on Thursday, and described one of the surgery urgent, although Mounir agreed to undergo them for weeks, and was postponed to ensure participation in the celebrations of Luxor Capital Arab culture.

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