The funny merry-go-round of Kate Atkinson

Sometimes we laugh when reading the new thriller by Kate Atkinson, a novelist who is best known for her novels mainstream, the most famous being the first, Behind the scenes of the museum. We are with the English, by the sea, with an honest detective, Jackson Brodie (recurring hero), and a representative of the typical middle class, resigned, wracked by his divorce, Vince.

We laugh, then we don’t laugh anymore. Of “Transport” very special enriches businessmen: a traffic of sordid fresh flesh. It followed on from a network specializing in the trafficking of even fresher and tender flesh, which used to deliver children to notables for pedophile parties. To believe that it is a tradition in the region.

The two sisters who believe they find work at the beginning of the book, we know what will happen to them. Alternating registers, a funny move, a dark move, Atkinson spins his roundabout at full speed, in small chapters that concern a host of characters. The puzzle will obviously be complete at the end, but all these pieces that don’t seem to join, it’s fascinating.

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Two inspectors investigate the horrors of the past. Brodie does her job (spinning, adultery, all that) but finds herself on the path of abominations today. We meet actors, a lady who lies about her past, and people full of aces who do not know what to do with their money: one of them buys expensive watches from his wife by making her believe that this are fake.

And Vince le looser? Her ex is murdered, good news. He was not the one who massacred her with a golf club. But he does play golf, with friends who are better integrated into social life than he is himself. Vince is so seduced that his friends, who were looking for a fourth partner for a project, gave up co-opting him. Still, Vince has resources, as do all the female characters in this irresistible carousel.

Three little turns and then come back, by Kate Atkinson. Translated from English by Sophie Aslanides. JC Lattès, 400 pp., € 22.90 (ebook: € 15.99).

Claire Devarrieux


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