Even before its global presentation on March 10, the ROG Phone 5 is already talking about him. It has been sifted through DxOMark tests. First lesson: players will still be able to enjoy immersive and spatialized high-flying sound. The best available on a smartphone.

The back of the ROG Phone 3 and the more discreet cooling chamber // Source: Asus ROG

After excellent spatialized sound on the ROG Phone 3, Asus is raising the tone on its next gaming smartphone. The ROG Phone 5 (the 4, symbol of bad luck in Asia, is abandoned in the name) will be much better, announces DxOMark which was able to subject the newcomer to its laboratory tests.

Before its official presentation on March 10 at a world conference, DxOMark had the authorization of the Taiwanese manufacturer to unveil some of the characteristics of the future technical flagship. And it is around his capacities in sound that the first results are revealed.

In the footsteps of the ROG Phone 3 with its already stunning sound

The gaming smartphone will carry no less than four microphones and two speakers. It is the same configuration as on the previous model that seems to be emerging. The four microphones were then distributed all around the device, including on the back near the camera, to be always available, however you position your fingers to play. The speakers were then distributed at the top and bottom of the smartphone vertically. They will again be symmetrically.

The impressive ROG Phone 3 // Source: Frandroid

But it was above all the contribution of Dirac HD Sound technology that blew us away. In video games, sound is an important element for immersion and experience. To justify its title of the most effective gaming smartphone, Asus had logically made it one of its priorities, forging a partnership with the Swedish startup Dirac. Added to this was a dual intelligent amplifier capable of adapting to the types of game or activity (video, music, etc.).

Dirac technology to make the difference

The ROG Phone 5 has been proven in terms of recording sound by its microphones, but also in audio playback to judge the quality of its speakers, through laboratory tests and common use cases, says DxOMark . Once again, the sound is entrusted to Dirac who brings his technology, but also the correction of the frequency response and the virtual bass technology. Note that the ROG Phone 5, unlike its predecessor, seems to recover its jack. Unless it is, once again, repositioned on the fan to be attached to the back of the phone.

And the verdict is clear: it is the first place in the ranking for the ROG Phone 5 in terms of sound. With an overall rating of 79, it is three points ahead of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. The ROG Phone 3 took the lead in the ranking of gaming smartphones last year, but the newcomer moved to the top of the ranking of all smartphones. It is, according to the results of the laboratory, “the most efficient device for reading and recording thanks to excellent results in all areas ”and offer “The best audio performance of all phones tested”.

The results of the ROG Phone 5 on sound // Source: DxOMark

Among the strengths noted, we find dynamics, spatialization and minimal artefacts. The world specialist in smartphone testing particularly highlights the reproduction ” with precision of most spatial attributes, preserving bass and sharpness of attacks, while managing to minimize sonic artifacts. »

Despite everything, DxOMark criticizes bass that could have been more present and a maximum volume a little too strong, even aggressive, compared to the competition.

A great choice for almost any use case

The qualities of the recording are also praised with “ exceptional performance supported by excellent tonal fidelity, realistic spatial features, precise rendering, very good maximum recording level and very few artifacts ”. Sound engineers lamented upper midrange distortions in noisy environments which then underscore the ROG Phone 5’s lack of bass. And when recording, high background noise can affect the signal-to-noise ratio.

Source : Asus

The various tests performed by DxOMark show consistent results and first-rate sub-scores. For the benchmark of lab testing, the ROG Phone 5 is “an excellent choice for almost any use case” and not just for gaming, its primary purpose.

The ROG Phone 3 was more than a simple gaming device with its intrinsic photo qualities and its proposition in terms of power. His heir seems to be walking in his footsteps. And much more ! The ROG Phone 5 should count on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, an Amoled screen with a refresh rate of 160 Hz and a 6000 mAh battery with a 65 W charger. Enough to make it a monster in all sectors of Game.

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