The future bullish of BTC and crypto as a payment method is backed by the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey


With optimism the CEO expressed the Twitter and Square Inc, Jack Dorsey, regarding the role of the crypts. Assure, that the internet deserves a native currency and that he also managed to have it in the future of payments. Bloomberg was the one in charge of making these statements known in a publication on Wednesday, May 16. Dorsey, he does not know if this currency will be the BTC, but he expects it to be that way since they are the legitimate future. Just like the enthusiasts thinks that this technology will have important benefits in the world . In addition, he stressed that they should try to educate the regulators and the SEC since it is important. Square, as a developer of payment and service solutions, has allowed its merchants to accept BTC since 2014. Not everything is rosy, there are still tough opponents against cryptocurrencies Not everyone in Square fully agrees with Dorsey’s optimism. To this, he alleges that there are still debates and fights with respect to the subject since they continue resisting. However, earlier this month, Square reported its low profits from the first quarter BTC trade. In this only amounted about 200 thousand dollars and the trade of BTC constituted 5% of the total income. The company spent approximately $ 34 million on the purchase of the Tokens. Dorsey, like many other entrepreneurs, also assures that the BTC will be a single currency in 10 years. The CEO believes that the slow and cost of the BTC will disappear as more people have it. Is clear that the sight is on BTC to become a super payment force in the network. Source:


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