The future drinking water treatment plant will rise from the ground in 2023

MUNICIPAL. Work on the future drinking water treatment plant is progressing well. If all goes as planned, the building will rise from the ground in 2023.

“They are completing the excavations. They are in the phase of preparing the foundations. The concreting work should last until the end of the year. In 2023, they will start erecting the building’s structure and envelope. What I am told is that it is going very well. We follow the deadlines. There are no yellow or red lights on in this case,” said the director general of the City of Drummondville, Francis Adam.

Construction began last January. It provided for the first phases of demolition, excavation, retaining and concreting. Pipe laying was completed in December.

The $108.5 million project will last three years. During the work period, traffic will be modified and diverted on part of boulevard Mercure, rue du Moulin and in the side streets of the site. The municipal swimming pool at Parc Sainte-Thérèse is also closed.

The commissioning of the future plant, which will be equipped with new state-of-the-art technologies, is scheduled for the summer of 2025. According to the City of Drummondville, this is the “largest investment project in its history” .