The future largest floating solar power plant in France will be located in Haute-Marne

The RES group announced on September 28 that it had obtained a building permit for the future largest floating solar park in France. Presentation.

A 65.5 MW floating plant

The RES floating solar park will be located in Perthes in Haute-Marne, on a site of old gravel pits (whose operation ceased at the end of 2020(1)) of 127 hectares, or the equivalent of nearly 175 football fields. It is the largest floating power station in France ” authorized to date »According to the future operator.

With an announced capacity of 65.5 MW, the plant will be able to produce ” around 70 GWh / an “(Which would correspond to a load factor of a little over 12%) according to the estimates of RES, of” what to supply the equivalent of 26,000 inhabitants with electricity and will prevent the release into the atmosphere of around 16,000 tonnes of CO2 every year ».

Commissioning planned by the end of 2023

RES plans to commission this floating plant ” for the end of the year 2023 “. Remember that another floating solar power plant, located in the Vaucluse, attracted special attention when it was inaugurated in October 2019: the installation called O’MEGA1, with 17 MW of power, is made up of 47,040 floating photovoltaic panels.

In a report published at the end of 2018, the World Bank estimated at 400 GW (by retaining ” very conservative assumptions “) The potential for deployment in the world of” floating “photovoltaic capacities on artificial waters(2). This technology is of particular interest in Asia, particularly in China. In France, there would be “ more than 33,000 bodies of water from 10 to 50 hectares “On which could be installed” short term »Around 10 GWp of floating photovoltaic plants according to Akuo Energy.

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