The future of agribusiness is linked to innovation and sustainability

Audron Kuskyt, General Manager of Agrochema.

Audron Kuskyt, CEO of Agrochema, an agribusiness company that has been operating for almost three decades, emphasizes that this business is affected not only by the market and other traditional business factors, but also by variables such as nature.

The empty behavior, which is affected by various circumstances, some of which are unpredictable, such as the war in Ukraine, also has a significant impact on prices. Some cables have risen in price several times this year and the Chinese are planning to use them less.

For agribusiness, such potential behavior is very important: if farmers buy less, they will get less. This will have an impact on the performance of increasingly agribusiness companies. Can we change that in this situation? rhetoric asks the head of Agrochema. We can only communicate to farmers, help them calculate the amount of yield and their income if the use of plant protection products is reduced, and advise on how to use it in order to achieve an effective result.

Even in such circumstances, the company strives to create the greatest possible added value for its customers through innovation and new products.

Generations and needs are changing

However, the CEO of Agrochema believes that when analyzing the success of a company’s operations, it is first necessary to talk about the core team of each company.

Agrochema strives to follow the most sustainable path possible, to develop tr formulas that are needed as little as possible, and to absorb them as efficiently as possible.

The team has the experience, experience and ability to use it all to achieve the highest possible goal. The role of the manager is also very important in creating the conditions for each employee to reveal his or her best personal qualities so that the team can achieve a good result together. On the other hand, it is no less important for the manager to see the general picture, to receive information from the team members, to systematize it so that appropriate decisions can be made based on it. Indeed, some ideas are still too early to implement today, but it will be time for them to understand this and encourage innovative thinking, says A. Kuskyt.

Recent changes are taking place in Agrochema’s team. The aim is to attract as many energetic and ambitious young professionals as possible and to create conditions for them to come forward, implement ideas and meals that will contribute to the improvement of our activities and even better satisfaction of customer needs. According to Agrochema’s CEO, the change is taking place not only in the twenty-ninth year of operation, but also among the employees, as children and grandchildren are increasingly taking over the parent business.

We see that in recent years, about half of our customers are farmers who are entrepreneurs, and the rest are the younger generation. We need to change and respond to all the needs of our customers, says the head of Agrochema.

The company has recently been intensifying its cooperation with higher education institutions, developing new projects and traditionally accepting students for internships and work placements, where young professionals have the opportunity to grow and implement their ideas.

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The emergence of and the contribution of young people

A. Kuskyt remembers that the young colleagues who were not afraid also made a significant contribution to the creation of the e-shop.

Our clients value the most direct communication with our specialists. trade is still aimed at those who cultivate gardens or gardens. E-business opportunities in the country are strengthening more slowly than in other businesses, the subtleties of agribusiness are revealed by A. Kuskyt. However, we have no doubt that in the near future, when all the issues are raised, we will be able to offer the Chinese people a convenient way to buy our goods. bdu.

The recently launched online store is planning to expand its range and to add a suitable partner to the garden and make enthusiasts get all the goods they need at hand.

The future of innovation

According to the CEO of Agrochema, the company connects its future with innovation and the development of new products: We strive to follow the path that is as sustainable as possible, to develop product formulas that require as little as possible, and that their plants are better absorbed and more efficient.

New products are being developed both by Agrochema’s specialists and in collaboration with scientists.

We especially aim to intensify cooperation with the researchers of the Agricultural Academy of Vytautas Magnus University, with them we will deepen specific areas relevant to us, says A. Kuskyt, who has been managing the company since last year.

By the way, according to her, the company has always worked intelligently, so it is necessary to take over and develop what has been done best and continue to create what will pay off in the future.

Our goal is to create and produce what will bring more added value to our customers. It is important not to increase consumption, but to add value to our existing and new products, as this ultimately benefits everyone, says Agrochema’s CEO. We have laboratories, an experienced specialist, we bring together young minds to provide our customers with what they need most and what will bring them the greatest benefits.

It is true that A. Kuskyt is accustomed to the fact that even after creating and producing efficient products, customers still need to show their benefits and gain confidence that the proposed innovations will meet the needs.

Although some try to remember the good old days, they never again, because the new times need an innovative solution, only they can fit in with modern cultivation, says A. Kuskyt.

Agrochema’s moni group consists of UAB Agrochema, SIA Agrochema Latvia, Agrochema Eesti OU. 2021 At the end of the year, Agrochema had 375 employees and generated 315.3 million employees. Net income was EUR 3.85 million. Eur. The group is part of the Achema Group, which operates over 40 companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, the ECU and Croatia.

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