The future of the corona test centers in Freiburg questionable – SWR Aktuell

The corona rapid tests have been chargeable for citizens in Germany since Monday. In Freiburg, too, people have to reckon with around 20 euros for a test.

Unvaccinated people need a test when they want to go to restaurants or to the cinema. You even need a test to study at university, because 3G applies here too: vaccinated, recovered or tested.

Cash register at the test center

But recently there is a small cash register in the test center on Freiburg’s Europaplatz. So far, this has not been necessary, because the corona rapid tests were free until Monday. From now on, however, the motto is: If you want to be tested, you have to pay. There are exceptions for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and minors – the tests remain free for them until the end of the year.

Some are now reluctant to be vaccinated

“I now choose where I really want to go,” says one woman. Since she has had to pay for the corona tests herself, she has just had to make cuts. Because getting tested every few days, she couldn’t afford that. And she adds: “I will not allow myself to be put under pressure, I will not be vaccinated. There is no official vaccination requirement yet, but things are going in that direction,” she is convinced. For others, the paid tests are having an effect. Anyone who does not want to forego going out, traveling and studying at the university and does not want to pay can still get vaccinated, albeit reluctantly, such as this young woman: “I think it’s stupid. But what the heck? actually make an appointment for a vaccination this morning. ”

Demand has fallen since summer

Less testing has been carried out since the summer. The end of free tests will possibly exacerbate the trend even further. It is already noticeable in Freiburg. So far there were around 25 test centers in the city. Closing more and more, because for many it is no longer profitable.

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Test centers have gradually closed

Alina Kunder from the test center on Europaplatz fears that it could soon end up like this: “We will definitely get the receipt for it. The demand will decrease, the test centers will close.”