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The Galaxy S10 will shoot under Exynos 9820: 7nm, double NPU for AI … here's what we know

The Galaxy S10 will run under Exynos 9820, a new SoC announced by Samsung at the same time as its next generation of smartphones. This new SoC will inaugurate two new technologies already present at Huawei / HiSilicon and Apple: the engraving in 7nm, and two NPU hearts dedicated to artificial intelligence.

samsung galaxy s10 exynos 9820

Korean site ETNews confirms that Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a new Exynos 9820 SoC. The site relies on "industry sources" for lack of official announcement from Samsung – the transition to this new platform had nevertheless already been revealed on Twitter Monday, November 5 by the famous leaker @IceUniverse. And ETNews gives new details around this new mobile processor engraved with a new process called EUV.

Galaxy S10: Exynos 9820 sound will be engraved in 7nm

The Exynos 9820 will be optimized for artificial intelligence, and engraved in 7nm. This fine engraving should allow Samsung to put more things on the same volume of die, while significantly reducing the energy consumption of SoC. To enter the era of 7nm, after its competitors Huawei / HiSilicon and Apple / TSMC, Samsung has developed its own engraving technology – a process called EUV.

A bit like analog photos, silicon etching is a photo-lithographic process: in broad lines … on the substrate (here silicon), is applied a photosensitive film. Then a pattern is printed by exposure, before the unexposed portions of the photosensitive film are removed by a chemical process. Until now Samsung used argon fluoride (ArF) as a light-sensitive film. But this method does not allow to go below 10 nm.

However, this new EUV process can achieve up to 1/14 of the engraving fineness allowed by ArF films according to ETNews. What sustain the efforts of R & D foundry.

Samsung also wants to stay in the race for artificial intelligence

In addition to this new, finer engraving, a "high-level official in the industry" confirms to ETNews that the Exynos 9820 will also be Samsung's first SoC to ship hearts dedicated to machine learning / Artificial Intelligence. An improvement after the Exynos 9810 which offered better performance for artificial intelligence applications, but without dedicated computing units.

"Galaxy S10's ARM processor has two hearts dedicated to artificial intelligence", explains this source. This AI, like other manufacturers who adopted it, will improve the quality of videos, photos, and voice recognition locally. In any case, this will allow Samsung to stay in the race while the penetration rate of smartphones with a NPU dedicated to artificial intelligence is growing strongly: according to a study by Counterpoint, they accounted for 3% of market share in 2017, compared with 16% in 2018.

The projections for the following years are 26% of smartphones with a SoC with an NPU against 35% in 2020. What are the things you expect the most from the Galaxy S10? Share your opinion in the comments.

artificial intelligence
Proportion of Smartphones with Artificial Intelligence / Counterpoint


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