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The Game Boy turns 30

Three decades ago, the world of video games underwent a transformation that took users beyond the boundaries of home spaces with the launch of the Game Boy, the portable console that Nintendo put on sale in the Japanese market on April 21, 1989.

With a modest hardware configuration compared to its competitors, the Nintendo portable console had a 2.5-inch monochromatic screen and managed to position itself in the market thanks to a very good autonomy of use, up to 30 hours, offered by its four batteries. The other highlight was the choice of Tetris, the popular game that accompanied the team in the market.

With a simple design, the Game Boy had four buttons to use: A, B, Select and Start, next to the steering control cross. With the passage of time, the company renewed the equipment with different versions with a stylized design, another with a transparent cover or the pocket model, with a lower weight and improvements in autonomy, since it used only two AAA batteries. He also had a model with color screen with the Game Boy Color.

The success was such that the Tetris sold 35 million units for this portable equipment. When Nintendo revamped the hardware and launched the Game Boy Advance, all versions of the original Game Boy accumulated more than 118 million units shipped to the market.

Game Boy Advance SP

In recent years the Japanese company managed to achieve another sales success in the hands of Switch, a hybrid console that works as a laptop and home equipment, and sold more than 14 million units, a figure that exceeds all sales recorded by the Wii U in five years.



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