The game "Destiny 2" can be downloaded for free on PC

The game "Destiny 2" can be downloaded for free on PC

In 2018, the BlizzCon festival kicked off on November 2. At the opening were presented not only the new studio «Blizzard», but also announced the free distribution of online shooter «« Destiny 2 ».

Anyone can install the game completely free on the service The action is timed to the anniversary of the release of the project and will last until mid-November.

The plot and gameplay of the game Destiny 2

The first part of the game Destiny was rated by critics not very high. There were many complaints about the physics of the game, the undeveloped plot, numerous flaws in the graphics. In 2017, Bungie released the sequel to the shooter, in which most of the previous mistakes were corrected.

The plot of the game, as in the first part, is built around the struggle of the few surviving earthlings with alien aliens. In the first part of the earthlings were defeated and lost most of their forces. In continuation, the struggle for the return of skills and weapons will be the main task of gamers.

In the game it is possible to fight for one of 3 races.

  • 1. Earthlings – the last descendants of humanity.
  • 2. Exo – artificial warriors created by people in the period of the power of the Earth.
  • 3. Awakened – a new race, the descendants of people with blue skin. Fight on the side of Earthlings.

Opponents are 5 alien races who want to completely destroy the Earth Guards.

In addition to passing the main mission, numerous additional tasks are available. You can also join the team and participate in collective tasks.

The mechanics of the game have improved since the release of the first part. For example, weapons and shooting are much better developed, the types of weapons have increased significantly. The appearance of the levels and locations is also drawn at a higher level. Fights with monsters have become even more exciting and difficult. The system for obtaining new skills and weapons was also considered.

Other novelties of the BlizzCon 2018 festival

The first BlizzCon festival was held in 2005 in Anaheim. In this city, he passes now every time. For a few days of the event, everyone can get acquainted with the novelties of the computer games industry. As a rule, new projects are presented and additions and changes to existing ones are announced.

In addition, as part of the event, gamer competitions are held, a new level of graphics is demonstrated.

In 2018, the developers talked about plans to improve the famous game "Warcraft III". Next year, there should be a completely revised version, which fans have been waiting for a long time. Changes will occur both in graphics and in characters.

Another popular game, "Diablo", will receive a full-fledged mobile version.

Minor additions and changes are waiting for StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, Overwatch and other games from Blizzard.

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