The Game explains the reasons for its diss-track against Eminem

There is competition and probably a little jealousy after the Superbowl…

It is interesting to note that Eminem who gave a very long interview for XXL did not once mention The Game and his diss-track, “The Black Slim Shady” and that, unlike what he did with Machine Gun Kelly for example, the Detroit rapper did not answer him. So, maybe the Los Angeles native needed to talk about it himself so no one would forget that he had the guts to take on a legend. Still, when asked about the subject in the Rap Radar podcast, he returned to the reasons that led him to violently clash Slim Shady. He doesn’t see it as a settling of scores but rather something fun and competitive since no one really feels up to the challenge.

“[Je l’ai fait] just because no one has ever really done it. Second, I know I pissed off a lot of people with this track because you know Em has a lot of Stans. But it’s nothing personal.”

And to add that the title contains many references to Eminem’s discography, from his greatest hits to his more confidential albums. Game acknowledged that Slim Shady’s music had always interested him and that his arrival had shocked him, like everyone else.

“I remember the first time ‘My Name Is’ came out. I was absolutely thrilled. I felt the same as when I first heard BIG’s ‘Juicy’…I always loved Em’s music.”

It is interesting to note that Game appreciates the music of Eminem and that, ultimately, he considers him to be the only rapper he can attack, a question of level no doubt. But, later in the interview, he recalls that he was upset by his non-presence at halftime at the Superbowl and that attacking Em’ is also attacking Dr. Dre. ..

“I always resent after the Superbowl. Em’ is Dre’s guy and Dre don’t rap. So it’s like I’m having a conversation with Dre. If I’m mad at Dre, let me shoot on Eminem. Fifty can’t top me, he does his thing in the summer and his shows are great but as far as rapping goes, I locked that. So the only person I could rap with and try to sting to see if he really wants to go, that’s Em'”.

We must believe that it was not enough because neither Eminem nor Dr. Dre answered him …