The gendarmes dive into the Rhône to protect the environmental heritage

The water is cold, visibility reduced, but more is needed to discourage these divers from the Gendarmerie used to operating in murky waters. It is therefore quite natural that ten of them surveyed the Rhône at different points all day on Monday. If they discovered spare parts for cars or motorcycles – which will soon be withdrawn to limit pollution – they also got their hands on objects that are of particular interest to investigators from the Châteauneuf-du-Pape brigade.

“The fishing was good” explains squadron leader Gwenn Vallée, commander of the Orange departmental gendarmerie company. A certain number of these objects are likely to interest us in the context of ongoing business.

“The best way to make an object disappear is to throw it into the water” – Gwenn Vallée, Orange Company Commander

The troubled waters of the Rhône prevent investigators from identifying the objects on the bottom. Gwenn Vallée therefore confirms “that people prosecuted not the police do not hesitate to get rid of the evidence of their misdeeds”. Research is therefore concentrated at the foot of the bridges or at the boat launch sites.

Given the success of the operation, new excavations could take place in the coming months.

The gendarmes search the Rhône
National Gendarmerie

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