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The German defender Antonio Rüdiger was presented this Monday as a new Real Madrid player and revealed that, although he received “interest” from Barcelona in getting his services, after finishing his contract with Chelsea, he told his brother, and agent, that “I just wanted to play” for the white team.

“There was interest from Barcelona, ​​but I told my brother that I just wanted to play for Real Madrid,” he revealed at a press conference.

A Rüdiger who did not want to compare his decision to that of Mbappé, who decided to stay at PSG: “I don’t know him personally and I don’t know much about why he made this decision. I’m happy to be here”, he declared.

“My family was delighted with this opportunity and they know how big this club is. It was a very easy decision,” he said.

Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League and now, La Liga

The German arrives at Real Madrid with fierce competition in the central position and referred to the daily pressure as the big difference compared to other clubs in his career.

“I don’t like to compare. Each club is very important for my career. In the case of Real Madrid there is a lot of pressure and you have to try to enjoy these moments, nothing more”, he commented.

A Rüdiger who did analyze the difference between the leagues in which he has played: “Having the opportunity to play in several leagues is something wonderful, really. Germany is a very physical league, you have to run a lot. In Italy it is very tactical, it’s important to learn to control every game. In the Premier League it’s ‘wow’, you have to play a lot of games and they all have high intensity; in the league there is very good football with a lot of pressure. It’s a new challenge and I’m excited about it ”, he valued.

He will wear 22 on his bib

“Of course it has impressed me to see so many ‘Champions’ together. Because seeing those cups teaches you what the only objective of this club is, victory. I want to be part of this club and of this history”, he assured.

For his arrival at Real Madrid, he chose number 22, which Isco Alarcón leaves free: “I like number 2, which Carvajal has. I had to choose between 12 and 22 and I chose 22. I didn’t pay much attention to that -on if the 12 supposed an added pressure to him to have been the one of Marcelo-, I like the 22”, he revealed.

One of Rüdiger’s characteristics is his speed, since he was the fastest footballer in the Premier League with a top speed of 36.7 kilometers per hour.

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