The German company offers renovated and modified beetles. For 14 million

At first glance, it is a more modern “beetle”, at second you will notice that it has no Volkswagen logos. This is because the German company Milivié is behind its production. The car we are looking at is called simply 1 and is a restomodem of the Volkswagen Type 1, called the “beetle”.

The so-called restomodes, ie renovations of old cars associated with modifications, such as the installation of more modern technology or electronics, are not uncommon. At present, however, many of them replace the internal combustion engine with an electric one. However, Milivié 1 is not the case.

The basis for the reconstruction is the variant 1303 from the 70’s, which the company disassembles to the last screw during the reconstruction and transforms into what we see in the illustrations in more than a thousand hours of work. In addition to the appearance and the engine, perhaps the most significant change is the conversion of the suspension to a trapezoidal for all wheels.

The inspiration for some curves is to be various porsche, such as 935 for exhaust tailpipes, 956 for rear fenders or 356 “Gmünd coupe” for horizontal bow lines.

Instead of the original headlights, there are only LED strips, the actual headlights are lower, the rear lamps are similarly modified and the bonnet has been given a small spoiler “duck tail”. He is to be inspired by the Porsche 904 for a change.

The dynamic parameters are not known, but the company boasts that each engine will be tuned to work best in places where its owner lives. This means that things like average temperature, humidity, altitude or even the owner’s driving style will be taken into account.

The interior of the car has undergone at least as drastic a change as the exterior. Instead, they found two 12.3 ″ displays, one as an instrument shield, the other as an infotainment display. His software was developed by the company itself.

The displays are combined into one panel and harmonize with lines that are completely modern, but with a considerable touch of retro style. They have free space on the sides, which refers to the design of the dashboard “beetle” version 1303. A similar reference are the open storage compartments or the silhouette of the air conditioning control panel in the middle.

The interior has four seats and all seats are heated. But you won’t find extra buttons compared to the original – window controls or just heated seats are available through sensors covered with clever fabric.

The company plans to produce only 22 of these cars based on the number of Type 1 units started. Of this, 21.5 million units were produced between 1938 and 2003. Unlike him, however, Milivié 1 is definitely not a “Volkswagen” in the original sense of the word, ie a “people’s car” – its price starts at 570 thousand euros (14.1 million crowns).

It is already possible to order and the company plans to deliver the first car to the customer early next year, the last sometime in 2025.