The Germans elect .. and Merkel escapes from the restrictions and has a little fun!

As Germans head to the polls today, Sunday, in preparation for the post-Angela Merkel era, the German chancellor deposits power after decades in power.

Despite her participation in some campaigns of her Christian Democratic Party (Christian Democratic Party), Merkel seemed in recent days as if she had lifted a burden off his shoulders after 16 years in power, during which she recorded a distinguished imprint on the German and European levels in general.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Associated Press)

The outgoing chancellor gave a beautiful show two days ago while visiting a bird park, and her photos spread like wildfire among her German fans on social media.

We tap the counselor’s hand

The camera lenses took pictures of the mighty woman, who described her stamina and strength with a number of colorful parrots, jumping on her head and landing on her hands, during her visit to the northeastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, according to the Associated Press.

And not only did one of the “rainbow lorquets” give him food, but rather pecked the German leader’s hand, which prompted Merkel to scream, escaping from her controls that she had long been known for.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Associated Press)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Associated Press)

The 67-year-old politician also appeared in other stations, taking selfies with voters, or even drinking drinks.

Unusually steep race

It is noteworthy that German voters will vote today in a general election with close chances, in which the center-left Social Democratic Party poses a major challenge to the conservatives, who are preparing for the post-Merkel era.

The convergence of the results means that the leading parties enter into consultations with each other before embarking on formal negotiations to form a coalition that may take months, which keeps Merkel in power as a caretaker.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Associated Press)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Associated Press)

Especially since the polls indicate an unusually sharp race between the outgoing chancellor’s party and the Social Democratic Party.

The political scene indicates the possibility of forming a tripartite coalition. The closest scenario is that the winner from the Social Democratic Party, the CDU and the Christian Social Union will form a coalition with the Greens and the Liberal Democrats.