The girl mistakenly sent a stranger a photo from the fitting room. A eventually helped him save his son

The girl mistakenly sent a stranger a photo from the fitting room.  A
 eventually helped him save his son

An American named Sid tried on an evening dress and wanted to send a photo to her friend to find out her opinion. But mistakenly photos came to the father of six children, and the story of a friend about it became a viral tweet. But the most interesting happened afterwards: chance (and human kindness, of course) allowed to raise funds for the treatment of a young boy from blood cancer.
Mandy Miller posted a funny story on Twitter. The girlfriend tried on a smart dress, was photographed and wanted to send to friends that they would appreciate whether to take it or not. But for some reason I mistakenly sent pictures to a complete stranger. Usually mistakenly shipped pictures are terribly awkward (especially if mom sends messages to dad, and you get them ). But here everything was different.

Mandi Miller

Sid accidentally sent pictures of her dress to the wrong number, and that’s what she got 😂 Original
The photographs were taken by the father of a huge family from Missouri named Tony. Another would simply ignore the message from the girl or replied: “You were wrong number.” But Tony decided, why not have some fun.
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About what happened next, the man told BoredPanda . Accident, his cheerful disposition and the strength of social networks as a result created a small miracle.
I thought, why not try and cheer this young lady. I thought that if the answer is from children, the effect will be much better than from some bald uncle of middle age with excess weight.
Tony sent a couple of very nice messages.

I think this message was for someone else. Wives are not at home, so I can not get her opinion, but my children and I believe that you look amazing in this dress! Take it, there’s nothing to think about! Original
And a photo, on which the children say hello.

By the way, the dress is really nothing. Judge for yourself.

Tweet Mandy Miller with this story quickly became viral: hundreds of thousands of likes and tens of thousands of retweets. And then in the replays came a man who knows Tony and his family. He said that Tony himself never began to tell on his own initiative, namely: where his wife went. The fact is that she is in hospital with a sixth, younger child. The boy has leukemia.


I hope the magic of Twitter is working. I am enclosing a link to the GoFundMe page, where I collect money for Kaisler for the treatment of leukemia. It is Kaisler who is not in the picture with the children. Let’s lift the fingers up for it @TristarHomeTeam Original
By that point for the year to account GoFundMe came only three thousand dollars. My father worked very hard, but there was still not enough money to pay for the money, especially since there were five children in the family besides the four-year-old Kaisler. But now everything has changed. For three days, they collected more than 30 thousand dollars, and the money continues to come.

Papa Tony thanked everyone in the replays. Little Kaisler was also told this story, and he sends greetings to everyone. The child has already been treated for a year, has undergone a course of chemotherapy, and like everything is still fine, the chances are good, doctors say. He dreams of stopping constantly going to the procedures and going to the kindergarten again. So far, this can not be done: the immune system is not yet ready to clash with the surrounding world.

Kaisler’s mom, Rachel, struggles to find words to explain what she feels.
It was unexpected and very refreshing picture of the world. I was reminded that in general people are good, many are willing to take care of others, can be generous. I want from the bottom of my heart to thank ALL not only for money, but also for kind words, for prayers, for love and support. We could never do everything for Kaisler, that we did, without any help !!!
After the death of his wife, the German worker Andreas Graf had to take care of the three-year-old son himself when he contracted leukemia. The man had to quit and live on the allowance to take care of the boy while he was under treatment. But him comrades in the plant came together and found a solution , which allowed the father for more than a year not to worry about either work or money.
A similar case was in the UK. The management of the British network of hypermarkets Sainsbury’s decided to keep the workplace for one of its employees, who diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease, as much as possible. For five years, a woman went to work, and colleagues helped her to perform duties . The moment came when the employee had to leave, and the son so sincerely thanked all those involved in twitter that the story became viral.

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