The girl sent the photos to the wrong number and changed life of a dying boy

The girl sent the photos to the wrong number and changed
 life of a dying boy

What do you do if you receive an SMS message from an unknown number, which was clearly an error? Of course, most simply ignore them and continue to live on. Someone politely explains that a mistake was made. However, some like to play along in this situation, just for fun.
It is to the third category of people that the pope refers, who in one day received a message from a girl named Sid, who asked for advice about buying a dress. He decided to play along with her. “I thought, let’s try to make this young lady’s day,” says Tony Pope. He gathered his children and sent a series of lovely messages that the girl will never forget. “I thought that the answer of the children would be much more significant than a bald middle-aged guy with overweight!”
However, he did not know how this incidental good deed would affect the life of the family from Spring Hill, Tennessee. You see, in the photo that Tony sent, there is not one of his children, Kaisler. And the reason he does not smile with his brothers and sisters, holding his thumb up, is sad. He was at the hospital with his mother Rachel, undergoing a course of chemotherapy. Currently, he is being treated for leukemia. “Kaisler does a good job,” Tony says. “We still have about a year to get treatment. He really wanted to go to kindergarten, so we tried to give it away. But he was sick too often, and he had to be hospitalized several times. ”
The exchange of messages between Sid and father and children turned into a viral story in the microblogging Twitter. People literally fell in love with this touching conversation. And now their good work brought absolutely unexpected fruit. “As soon as this story was learned on the Internet, we managed to collect more than three thousand dollars for Kaisler’s treatment. This is more than all the donations that have been made over the past two years. It was amazing, and I think this is a real blessing. We have a financial cushion. I work all the time, but I can not quickly adapt to changing the financial situation, “Tony said.
It’s amazing how the world is sometimes crazy, is not it? It’s a really nice story, filled with positive and love. This is exactly what you need in such difficult times. Just one good deed led to a whole series of others that would help Kaisler to go through his difficult path to recovery and recovery from illness.
Mom Kaisler Rachel was stunned by the reaction. “This is so sobering when you realize how many amazingly good people in our world, who continue to care for others, and are ready at any moment to come to the rescue. I would like to thank ALL with all my heart for all those kind words, prayers, love and financial support. We would never have been able to go so far in our business without your help! “, Said Mom.
Scroll down to see how this incredible story developed, and if you want to help Kaisler, then go to his page on gofundme.
A girl named Sid was in a shop where she tried on an evening dress and accidentally sent her photos to the wrong number. They were received by Tony, the father of six children, who decided to play along with the girl and sent a reply.
I believe this message was for someone else. My wife is not at home, so I can not ask her opinion! But I and my children think that you look amazing in this dress. You definitely should buy it! He even gathered his five children together, so that they all approved the dress. Cute messaging quickly turned into a viral story in Twitter , and the consequences to which the dialogue led, were unexpected.
Sid accidentally sent photos of her dress to the wrong number and received an answer. It turned out that little Kaisler, the sixth child of Tony, was absent from the photograph, because he was on chemotherapy course.
I hope Twitter does its magic. Below is a link to GoFund me, where funds are collected for Kaisler’s treatment of leukemia. Kaisler is not in the photo, let’s support him with his fingers up. This random message helped to collect the amount necessary for the treatment of Kaisler.
Hello! It looks like you made my children popular on Twitter. My second junior (he is not in the photo, he is on the chemotherapy course in the hospital) if the page on Facebook, where we talk about his fight with leukemia. In addition, one person who prays for Kaisler, has recognized our children. By the way, my wife agrees that the dress looks chic! God bless you! After the post became viral, more than three thousand US dollars were collected for treatment.
You are very kind. Here are the fingers up from Kaisler! Based on materials

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