The Giro in Cesena blocks the Via Emilia, here are the roads that will close for 3 hours. A14 recommended

The countdown has begun. Wednesday 18th May the pink caravan of the Giro d’Italia will also pass through Cesena. In view of this eleventh stage of the main national cycling race, which allows our territory to showcase all the monumental and landscape beauties, some temporary changes to the road network have been arranged and will be in force from 10 am until the early afternoon of the day. same. The Giro d’Italia will pass through Cesena along the entire Via Emilia and proceeding towards Reggio Emilia. .

Along the roads affected by the event, traffic suspension orders will be adopted at least 2 hours and 30 minutes before the passage of the fastest (scheduled for 12.52 fastest cyclist – last passage 12.55 approximately cyclist in queue). Traffic will be diverted from 10 to 13.30.

The caravan will enter the city from the Via Emilia Levante (Budrio) and will continue towards Forlì, always along the Via Emilia. At the Secante / Via Emilia junction it will continue on the opposite Via Emilia – Rotonda Case Finali – Via G. Marconi – Viale Oberdan – Via G. Bovio – Via Europa – Via Zuccherificio – Ponte del Risorgimento – Via G. Matteotti – Via C. Cattaneo – Via Emilia Ponente (territory of Bertinoro). From the roundabout of the Secante, the exit on Via Palmiro Togliatti will not be allowed, always from 10 am until the end of the event in order not to allow traffic to merge on the race course. It is advisable to use the A14 if it is necessary to cross Cesena in both directions in order not to get stuck inside roads not involved in the tour, but certainly not “comfortable” to withstand a certain impact of traffic, which will be created.

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For the occasion, Anas will also arrange the locks at the E45 – Cesena Ovest exit, in both directions of travel, as well as the mandatory exit from the Secante – towards Rimini – at Ponte Pietra, and the relative prohibition of entry on the Secante – Ponte Stone for Rimini direction. The closing times will indicatively go from 8.30 – 13.30.

The closed roads in Savignano

In addition to the Giro d’Italia on Wednesday 18 May, Sunday 22 May the territory will be affected by the 9 Colli. The event will start at 6 in the morning from Cesenatico and will cross the territory of Cesena in the following streets: Del confine – Rotonda Cervese – Via Cervese – Via Calcinaro – Via Torino – Via San Giuseppe up to Via Emilia Ponente and then continue towards Capocolle. On both occasions, traffic will be monitored by the local police starting as early as the morning.