The Glenlivet Capsule Collection – the new way to enjoy whiskey cocktails

The Glenlivet has always loved to break with tradition. So why not try something completely different? This is exactly where The Glenlivet has come in: The Glenlivet cocktail capsules that offer an extraordinary taste experience. Put in your mouth, bite and enjoy the taste of the perfectly matched whiskey cocktail.

First of all, how could it be otherwise, with the absolute classic, the Classic Glenlivet Sour. The Glenlivet is redefining the way Scotch whiskey is enjoyed – namely, mixed! Each capsule is a pleasure without the need for a glass, ice or a stirrer. The capsules are initially not available in stores, but will only be sent to selected influencers and journalists.

Through the festive season with The Glenlivet 12yo

If you want to enjoy The Glenlivet Cocktails now, you will still get your money’s worth. Because the holidays are just around the corner. Finally enough occasions to come up with good cocktails: Christmas parties in small or large groups, at Christmas parties together or, of course, for New Year’s Eve. And what goes particularly well with the winter season? Exactly, a good whiskey cocktail. Whether classic Whiskey Sour or new The Gitty Goat – the “youngest” single malt whiskey from the first legal distillery in Speyside (Scotland) is the perfect match for every whiskey cocktail thanks to its mild, fruity taste.

Intense pineapple notes provide the fruity aroma of The Glenlivet 12yo. The No. 2 single malts worldwide from the European and American oak barrels in which it is aged for 12 years. And it is precisely its mild taste that makes it perfect for mixing cocktails. For example for the Classic Glenlivet Sour, the High Tai or the Kosho Sour.

Classic Glenlivet Sour

  • 5cl The Glenlivet 12y
  • 3cl fresh lemon juice
  • 2cl sugar syrup
  • 1/2 egg white (optional)

High Tai

  • 5cl The Glenlivet 12y
  • 1cl pear brandy
  • 0,5cl Dry Curaçao Likör
  • 1,5cl Orgeat Mandelsirup
  • 3cl fresh lime juice
  • 3 drops of sesame oil

Kosho Sour

  • 5cl The Glenlivet 12y
  • 3cl Aronia Direct saft
  • 2cl fresh lime juice
  • 1cl Orgeat Mandelsirup
  • 3 stalks of coriander
  • 3 Kaffirlimettenblätter
  • 5 pepper berries

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Source / Image source: The Glenlivet