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The “Golden Boy”: Photos of the most expensive hamburger on the planet

by archyw

One of the kitchen dishes that has become fashionable in recent years is the hamburger, an option that is prepared every day in different ways.

And in this search for exotic and curious alternatives, a Dutch preparation recently made headlines in the international press.

It is the “Golden Boy” hamburger, with the highest price on the planet and an option prepared by chef Robbert Jan de Veen, who gave life to a dish that has a value of $ 5,800.

Ingredients? In keeping with the high cost of this product, its components are exclusive and luxurious.

Thus, it stands out that the most expensive hamburger on the planet has gold foil, Alaskan crab, white truffle, barbecue sauce made from Kopy Luwak coffee, Beluga caviar, Wyke Farms cheddar cheese, duck egg mayonnaise, Spanish Iberian shoulder , onion rings battered in Japanese Panko, Macallan Rare Cask Whiskey and Wagyu A5 beef.

Bread? This ingredient is based on Dom Pérignon champagne and is covered with gold foil. All an exclusivity.

Then, and moments before being served, and after an arduous preparation of nine hours, the burger is smoked with whiskey.

About the dimensions of the most expensive hamburger on the planet, it is 15 centimeters long and weighs 800 grams.

How to order this exclusivity of the kitchen? For this, a reservation must be made two weeks in advance and, in addition, a payment of 750 dollars.

Look at the photos:




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