The Good Doctor always manages to lift our hearts. If last week, in episode 5 of season 2 of The Good Doctor, Lea had agreed to live with Shaun, how was their cohabitation? Melty's editorial invites you to discover his episode 6 verdict. If you watch the series, you know that Morgan was not quite one of the nicest and most appreciated characters in the ABC show. With a flawless attitude and an impenetrable shield separating her emotions, she turns out to be a complicated character to read. So it was time for her to shine and that's what she did in "Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)".

Morgan is not the same anymore!
This episode 6 of season 2 of The Good Doctor once again had a tragic story. Shaun and Morgan were unable to stop a bacterium from destroying the career of Jas Kohli, a fiddling violinist, who came to the ER with an infected finger and left San Jose St. Bonaventure with an amputated arm. However, Morgan was determined to ensure Jas's dreams were not taken away and she was devastated when she heard the terrible news from her patient, feeling guilty about the situation. It was the first time we saw it so, fragile, disturbed and just human. She was the worst character in the series, but it's amazing how much depth and empathy this crisis has given her.
A new life for Shaun and Lea!
In addition, the quarrels of Shaun and Lea began to become annoying in this episode of The Good Doctor. By living together, they wanted each other to change the habits of the other and it is thanks to Glassman that Lea became aware of it. The new roommates then agreed to pull themselves together as they adapted to this new dynamic. For its part, Glassman has also experienced difficult times. While his second meeting with Debbi was going well, he lost his balance and fell. He then asked him to leave, embarrassed by the lingering side effects of his brain surgery and it broke our heart. This episode was quite successful and the way the surgeons act is still engaging and pleasant. While waiting for a new episode of The Good Doctor, discover the spoilers of the week!



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