The good news. In Draguignan, a device for the reintegration of prisoners

It is an unprecedented initiative that the Draguignan remand center carried out on Tuesday. Dubbed “Place de l’emploi”, it allowed 150 inmates (out of the 600 in the remand center) to meet potential future employers, in order to best prepare for their release from prison. “The objective is to promote the professional integration of prisoners and prevent recidivism”, explains to AFP Pierre Pech, deputy director of the establishment. “I’m going out in thirteen days, my priority is to find a job”, abounds Eddy, one of the prisoners who came to take advantage of the device. Among the companies present, the Decathlon of Trans-en-Provence or the company Pizzorno Environnement, which manages the collection and sorting of waste. “Our founder has always had the concern to play a social role”, justifies one of his employees. The operation is the result of a partnership with the regional office of Pôle emploi. His representative told those concerned: “After your release, I don’t want to see you here again! »