The good operation of the C’Chartres BM opposite Pont-de-Chéruy

In view of the results of this 4th day, Chartres did well to win against Pont-de-Chéruy, in a match between two teams in doubt before this 4th day. To say that the Chartrains are reassured, we will not go so far in view of a poor first period which saw the men of Sébastien Lambert return to the locker room with a nest egg of ten points. Not expensive paid against Isérois who had been put back in the saddle by their adversaries.

Yes, it was good to win because, a little earlier in the afternoon, the Federal Center had surprised Avignon. This Tuesday evening was the night of the little ones, because Mulhouse suffered its third defeat in Le Havre, while Lyon and Caen, unbeaten so far, fell at home, facing Besançon and Kaysersberg respectively. An easterly wind blew this Tuesday evening on hen B. Chartres, he blew hot and cold, but ended up coming out of it after a second period more successful than the first (42- 28).

Now Caen!

“Victory, that’s it! Regardless of the opponent, we have to take the 2 points on Tuesday night ”, had hammered the day before, Sébastien Lambert, heckled, like his players, after two worrying setbacks against Andrézieux (-19) and Orchies (-18) and an indecent offensive average of 60 points scored.

The Chartrains heard the message from their coach. After six minutes, they had already made a hole in the green jersey of the Pontois (17-4, 6 ‘). The machine was running at full speed. Very good. Because, in an incomprehensible way, the CCBM was going to start to foil. Clumsiness was involved and, straddling the end of the first quarter and the start of the second, the Euréliens conceded a 19-3 and the US leader Johnathan Hudson allowed the SOPCC to go ahead for the first time in the match ( 20-22, 14 ‘). It will be the only time.

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The reaction of Sébastien Lambert, the CCBM coach:

Chartres then relied on its interior sector, the Clerence hub and the Spanish post 4 Ucles, to extinguish the start of the second fire. The CCBM, thanks to a 21-9, took a deep breath at the break (41-31). But the Dauphinois called him to order when he returned from the locker room with a Hudson missile and a basket under the circle of wise Cheick Soumaoro (43-38, 23 ‘).

The threat hovered again above the Chartres skulls, which would quickly recover. A first acceleration signed Green and the CCBM took to the open sea again (52-38, 24 ‘) before a second wave which would literally put an end to Pontoise’s inclinations, with a 14-0 (66-40, 30’)!
Knocked out, the young protected – seven players under 24 – Dounia Issa did not know where to head and committed fault after fault. Nseke Ebele was the first to go out for 5 fouls, before being followed by David and Eyoum. With more than a rotation on the bench, the SOPCC could not respond to a CCBM which could blow its executives like Green and Siegwarth for the Caen match. Finally, the Chartrains, with their young Doumbia and Kabongo, won quite a lot, 83 to 59.

Defeat forbidden for Chartres which receives Pont-de-Chéruy

This success will do good to the Chartrains who were in the hard after their failed exit at Orchies. It is now up to Sébastien Lambert’s men to properly analyze their match, and especially their mistakes against Pont-de-Chéruy, because there were a lot of them, before thinking of Caen. Because, Saturday night, facing the training of the former CCBM leader Olivier Romain, it will not be the same music. The Caennais will come with a knife between their teeth to erase their surprising setback against Kaysersberg. Like what, you should never relax, even when the opponent seems a priori weaker. A lot of teams have learned that the hard way tonight. Not Chartres.

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CHARTRES (Jean-Cochet hall). C’Chartres BM beats Pont-de-Chéruy 83 to 59 (half-time: 41-31) (quarter-time: 20-13, 21-18, 25-12, 17-16).
Referees: MM. Da Cruz et Huet.
Spectators: 200 approximately.
Chartres : Green (26), Bouloukouet (13), Ucles (14), Siegwarth (3), Clerence (8) then Thalien (8), Doumbia (2), Bernaoui (6), Kabongo (0), Mukuna (3). 42% success on shots (20/48) including 30% at 3 points (7/23). 84% on free throws (36/43). 33 rebounds (Ucles and Mukuna, 6). 20 fouls.
Pont-de-Chéruy:Hudson (19), Eyoum (9), David (5), Soumaoro (4), Guillou (4) then Diara (0), Chelle (7), Tchoubaye (11), Nseke Ebele (0). 37% success on shots (22/59) including 35% at 3 points (7/20). 57% on free throws (8/14). 38 rebounds (Eyoum, 7). 33 faults: Nseke Ebele (32 ‘), David (34’) and Eyoum (34 ‘) eliminated for 5 faults. Gap: +28 for Chartres (76-48, 36 ‘); +2 for Pont-de-Chéruy (20-22, 14 ‘).