The government and the Bank of Japan will intervene to buy the yen for the first time in 24 years.[missed delivery / whereabouts of yen depreciation]| missed delivery | diamond online

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Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki (right) holds an emergency press conference on foreign exchange intervention. Finance Minister Masato Kanda on the left = Ministry of Finance Photo: JIJI

On September 22, the government and the Bank of Japan decided to intervene to sell the dollar and buy the yen for the first time in 24 years. The dollar/yen fell sharply to the low 140 yen level at one point due to the surprise intervention. In addition to sorting out the background of the depreciation of the yen so far from the viewpoint of fundamentals, we will examine the scale, effect, and sustainability of foreign exchange interventions by the government and the Bank of Japan in the past, and reverse the appreciation of the yen and the depreciation of the dollar with this yen-buying intervention. Consider the possibility of

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The government and the Bank of Japan will intervene to buy the yen for the first time in 24 years.[Covered delivery / whereabouts of yen depreciation]Photo:Bloomberg/gettyimages

Amidst the accelerating depreciation of the yen, the government’s yen-buying intervention was unilateral intervention by Japan, and the effect of yen-buying is limited because of the constraints on foreign exchange reserves. There is a strong element of buying time until the US slows down interest rate hikes due to economic slowdown.

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Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor of the Bank of JapanPhoto:Bloomberg/gettyimages

Foreign exchange intervention by buying the yen and selling the dollar was implemented with the aim of halting the acceleration of the yen’s depreciation. .

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