TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) urges people not to panic about Listeria monocytogenes enoki fungus.

The Head of the Ministry of Public Relations and Public Information Bureau, Kuntoro Boga Andri, the destruction of the bacterial enoki mushroom carried out by a Korean importing company a few days ago was an anticipatory step.

“People do not need to worry and remain calm, what happened yesterday was anticipatory steps and government oversight. We keep people’s food healthy and safe, “Kuntoro said Tribunnews through written statement, Friday (6/26/2020).

According to Kuntoro, supervision has been carried out both the Food Security Agency in the warehouse, and the Agricultural Quarantine Agency at the port of entry.

Kuntoro revealed that the enoki mushroom had not yet been circulated.

Because the contamination of the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes was discovered earlier.

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Therefore, Kuntoro invited the people to be calm, and continue to consume healthy local food.

Domestic fruits and vegetables produced by local farmers have also been monitored by the regional food safety authority.

“Eat fresh and healthy food products. Don’t forget to wash with clean water, and make it a habit to cook properly. For this enoki mushroom it should not be consumed raw or undercooked. Cook the mushroom with a temperature of at least 75 degrees Celsius, and if stored raw, separate from fast food, “continued Kuntoro.

Food safety and quality assurance is a joint obligation of both the government and related parties.

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