The Government extends the extension to pass the ITV


Updated:05/16/2020 11: 52h


The Government has decided to extend the extension period granted to drivers to pass the Technical Inspection of the Vehicle, the ITV, in an additional 15 days for each week of alarm status elapsed at the time this procedure was to pass, which are added to the 30 days of extension after the end of said status previously set.

According to the ministerial order published this Saturday in the Official State Gazette, with this measure the executive tries to allow a staggered completion of these inspections when the state of alarm ends.

This new expansion means that the vehicles that should have passed the ITV in the first week of the state of alarm will finally have 45 days after the end of the alarm state to pass it.

For their part, those who should have passed it this week, the ninth since the declaration of the state of alarm, will have 165 days after the end of the initial 30 plus 135 additional, 15 for each week since the declaration.

This extension of the extension takes place despite the fact that in the territories that are already in phase 1, all the autonomous communities except Madrid and some areas of Catalonia and Castilla y León, the workshops in which this Procedure.

In any case, the order published today in the BOE establishes that the term in which the next inspection must be passed will be set based on the initial date on which the ITV should have been passed and not depending on the date on which it was finally come over.


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