The government has borrowed 2.886% for almost 10 years

Photo by Vladimiro Ivanovo (V)

The Government of Lithuania in the domestic market for 9 years and 6 months 4 mln. The euro borrowed at an average salary of 2.876%.

At the government securities (GS) distribution auction held on Monday, investors’ demand for GS exceeded 5.5 times and reached a total of LTL 22.8 million. Eur.

That was in 2032. February 12 repurchase auction. The last time the issue was filled was in months. Then borrow 5 mln. The euro cost an average of 2.03%, or almost 85 basis points cheaper than once. Investor demand for GS now boiled almost one and a half times and reached a total of LTL 22.95 million. Eur.

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