The government of Guerrero cannot make loans to municipalities – Noticias del Estado de Guerrero

Josefina Aguilar Pastor

Chilpancingo, Guerrero, September 20, 2022.- Without the capacity of the State government to grant loans or anticipate participations to municipalities for the payment of year-end benefits, reported the Secretary of Finance and Administration of the State Government, Raymundo Segura Estrada.

The state official commented that the financial situation of the state government is complicated, for which they make maximum efforts so that, in turn, they do not have to resort to bank loans, and therefore, they are not in a position to support the municipalities.

With several, he admitted the municipalities that have requested financial support from the State government, “there have been many requests, but they have been given a response that is not possible at the moment and we will see how it develops in recent months before the end of the year ”, they only give them support so that they request a bank loan, he commented.

He also ruled out the possibility of granting advance shares to the municipalities, because they are already over time, after they have to pay them before the end of the year, so it is not an option for the municipalities, in addition to insisting, in that as a state government, they do not have surplus resources.

The Secretary of Finance also added that the State government itself has to anticipate its own end-of-year expenses, and be able to respond to the workers of the Executive Branch.

Regarding the possibility that the state government itself could access a bank loan to meet its own salary obligations, Segura Estrada commented that so far they have used their reserves and have not had to resort to banks, although neither ruled out that possibility.

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“We do not doubt that in December, when the most important amount of disbursements for the payment of Christmas bonuses and benefits is coming, we will have to assess that possibility, at this time it is not necessary,” reiterated the Secretary of Finance.