The government of Jerez ratifies the “good path of economic management” of the most indebted city in Andalusia

Jerez, with 918.42 million debt at the end of 2021, it is the most indebted city in Andalusia, according to a recent report from the Ministry of Finance.

Despite these data, the municipal government has ratified “the good path of the City Council’s economic management, which closed 2021 with a remainder of five million euros”.

According to the Deputy Mayor for the Economy, Treasury and Human Resources of the Jerez City Council, Laura Álvarez, in relation to recent information, “taking data out of context does not provide any information, such as, for example, if someone is asked how much they owe of mortgage and gives a figure, that does not reflect its economic situation, simply because of the figure of the debt contracted by said mortgage, it is not representative of reality.Therefore, the data that has been taken out of context of the financial indebtedness of the City Council of Jerez does not do justice to the work that has been done for a long time.” Also, “demands the PP not to put statements in the mouth of the Ministry that they have not made.”

“The last indebtedness we have had was 94 million euros. A debt from the Popular Party, where Pelayo and Saldaña governed, and it was, because they did not pay the Social Security and Treasury of the workers of the municipal staff. And this When the Government arrived at the head of the city, evidently the first thing it did was sit down with Social Security and the Treasury to split that debt, and we are paying an incredible amount month by month to attend to that debt because we understand that workers have to have this coverage”.

“An objective data is the remainder of the Treasury. If the City Council closes on December 31, the remainder of the Treasury measures what we owe and what they owe us, and gives a figure. When this Government of Mamen Sánchez arrived in the city, In 2014, the remainder left by the Popular Party lady was less than 167 million”.

Of the same, he recalls that “this has been the first year in which the Jerez City Council has made history, in which it has closed the 2021 accounts with a positive Treasury surplus of 5 million euros. That is, if on the 31st December 2021 we would have closed the City Hall, if we had paid everything we owe and collected everything they owe us, Jerez residents would have had 5 million euros left over, therefore, that is the economic data that evaluates the health of the economic management of this City Council”.

“From the municipal government we have given absolute priority to the payment of companies, workers, Security and Treasury, that is our economic management, before there were companies that worked in the city and did not charge, the Popular Party did not pay the companies, neither to Social Security nor to the Treasury, it is very serious, we have given absolute priority to companies charging. A company that works for the City Council charges in two months at the most”.

“Therefore, the economic situation of the City Council has improved a lot, what we have done has been to order the existing debt, exchange company debt for bank debt, companies get paid, workers get paid, and the economy of the The city understands that what the City Council does is boost the economy and not a burden like when the Popular Party governed”.

The PP qualifies the management of Mamen Sánchez as “prosperous”

And while the municipal government describes the past economic year as historic, from the PP, its councilor, Jaime Espinar, has thanked the PSOE for publicly recognizing the good economic management that the popular carried out at the head of the Jerez City Council. “And it is that, in an attempt to take advantage of some positive data of its economic management, after the continuous data of increase in debt and the term to pay the bills, the PSOE of Mamen Sánchez has published a table with the evolution of the negative remnant (red numbers) of the Treasury in recent years”, highlight the popular ones.

A table that, they point out, “far from showing the good economic management of the PSOE of Mamen Sánchez, what really shows is that it was the PP that straightened out the situation of the municipal coffers. And it is that, according to the information provided by the municipal government, in just 4 years, the PP reduced the red numbers of the municipal Treasury by more than 268,602 million from the 421 million left by Pilar Sánchez’s PSOE, eliminating 60% of the remainder left by the PSOE”.

The PP understands that “given this good management of the popular ones recognized by the PSOE, Mamen Sánchez in 7 years has only managed to reduce the negative remainder by 91 million, even with a much better economic situation and several planning funds from the Ministry of Tax authorities”.

As much as they insist from the PSOE, underlines the popular Jaime Espinar, the data shows the great management that the PP carried out at the head of the City Council, which differs a lot from the management of Mamen Sánchez, who despite what he says, the only thing that is achieving is to raise the debt, take longer to pay bills and lengthen the time to pay the City Council’s total debt.

Espinar points out that “there is no parameter published by the PSOE that does not reflect a great management of the PP Government and a wasteful management of Mamen Sánchez, since while the PP lowered the debt, the financial situation of the coffers was stabilized and straightened and the bills began to be paid, with the PSOE the only thing that has happened in 7 years is more debt, more unpaid bills and more years to be able to face the payment of the debt”.