The government of Ourense will not appeal the ruling that annuls the privatization in San…

He Municipality of Ourense will not appeal the judgment of the Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG) that declares the nullity of the licenses for legalization of the works and the occupation of the subsoil of the San Antonio square in the city, considering that it is public property. Mayor, Gonzalo Perez Jacomeappeals to the recommendations of the Council’s legal counsel not to appeal, since it considers that the extraordinary nature of the appeal has a “moi restrictive” admission procedure, for which they see “little chances of success of the appeal.”

Blame the PP

Jácome came to appeal the sentence to avoid million-dollar compensation -the Concello saved 40 million-, but now celebrates the court ruling. At this point, he blames his former government partner, the PP: “Sometimes you have to give in due to their pressure, it had been appealed when we were with them in government. But now we no longer have his backpack, ”he justifies.

Regarding the compensation that the City Council of Ourense must pay -residents and third parties bought parking spaces in the basement that now a court ruling estimates will be public-, the The councilor from Ourense points out that “it will not even be 10 million” and that “any compensation” will “compensate” the Council. In any case, it reiterates that the compensation would be the fault of the “theft of Manuel Cabezas and Paco González.”