The Court of Auditors adds the billionaire expense in the ’embassies’ to 4.1 million euros which was the celebration of 1-O in its threat of embargo

Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont (right) and former counselor Toni Comn, in the European Parliament.

The former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont on Tuesday began a collection that will have to reach a record to avoid his own ruin and that of his former government team after the coup received in theCourt of Accounts.

This institution has already forced Artur Mas to make a millionaire request to the so-called resistance fund to save the five million euros that the institution claimed for the illegal consultation of 9-N of 2014, but those figures are completely overwhelmed by the statement this Tuesday to the defenses of Puigdemont, his advisors and other senior officials of theprocs.

First, I informed you that you must pay 4,146,274.97 euros for the illegal public money expenses incurred in the 1-0 referendum. They must pay them within 15 days and, otherwise, proceed to preventive seizure of their property. And, in addition, I anticipated that to request an additional amount, not specified yet, for “the expenses related to the deployment and increase of the delegations of the Government of the Generalitat in countries of the European Union and the United States”, according to the decision of the Instructor Delegate This warned the lawyers of Carles Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras and others responsible that they be made “a complementary liquidation act”.

The complainants’ lawyersCatalan Civil SocietyYCatalan Lawyers for the Constitution,Manuel ZunnYManuel Mir, said that the figure can be around 20 million euros based on the audit of the Court of Auditors. Defense lawyers also admitted that they can reach figures of that size in a historical record of demand for the return of public money to independence.

In fact, Puigdemont began to invoke the solidarity of not only his habitual followers, but of all those who voted in the 1-O in what is the first phase of the collection that will be necessary to mobilize. In a note on social networks I already requested contributions to theCaixa de Solidaritat. “If you voted on October 1, we need you,” rog.

At the moment, the supervisory body cited the defenses of Puigdemont, Junqueras and 29 other former directors and senior officials to communicate the provisional liquidation act with the amount that the instructor considers to have been embezzled to celebrate 1-O. Among the defenses is that ofJosep Mara Jov, the leader ofERCthat negotiates with the Government the support to Pedro Snchez.

The first claim of 4.1 million doubles the embezzlement estimated by the Supreme Court in the judgment of theprocs. The breakdown includes the 1.25 million spent (and to which interest is added) in the commission toUnipostfor the ballots and that the Court charges Oriol Junqueras and Puigdemont.

On the other hand, in another great expense such as the “rehabilitation costs of the ship annexed to the CTTIcall center“and reaching 1.45 million, the Court claims Junqueras and Josep Mara Jov, among others, but not Puigdemont. Among the amount misappropriated by the entire Government is the referendum campaign inTV3which reaches 357,068 euros and that, although the chain never got paid, was compromised.

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