In this week’s Sunday video conference,Pedro SánchezHe came with a list of duties for the autonomous presidents, who took the opportunity to show their discomfort at the lack of the material promised by the Government tocope with the pandemicand for having approved the recoverable paid leave without consulting them.

According to sources present at the meeting and the details provided later by the leaders themselves, Sánchez claimed:information on deceased persons in public and private nursing homes, precise data on when they started with fever and discomfort, the patients they have controlled, and a list of hotels, sports centers and congress halls that can be conditioned to be used by covid-19 infected patients without symptoms. The chief executive thus announced a plan that Moncloa hopes to implement in the transition phase.

The Minister of Health,Salvador Illa, who also attended the videoconference, later specified, at a press conference, that citizens who want to go to these facilities may consider that they cannot ensure good insulation in their home. But to be able to do this massive examination to the population and to stop the virus that the Government pretendsyou will need millions of “quick tests”and that they detect the contagion in an early way with which it does not yet have.

“Work early”

For now, the Executive has commissionedfive million tests that have a sensitivity of 80%for patients who have already been infected for seven or more days. If the symptoms have just started, that sensitivity is only 64%, according to the ministry. Illa explained that a million of those five have begun to be distributed this Sunday throughout all the autonomous communities. They will be the complement to the so-called PCR (C-reactive protein), which require a more laborious technique, but which detect the infection from the first day. Illa specified that the tests that she is distributing among the communities will go to hospitals and residences.

The plan to isolate the asymptomatic, which would be carried out in the transition phase that has not yet been reached, is an option that the government is working on, Illa said.“It is our obligation to work with the maximum anticipationto have several options open and be able to give them to citizens, “he said, referring to the list of hotels and sports centers for the asymptomatic.

Juanma Moreno (PP), president of Andalusia, demanded from Sánchez a schedule of the arrival of the tests and also the rest of the sanitary material. The complaint of the scarce state aid for the supplies of this type of resources was a constant in the meeting with the chief executive. The president’,Quim Torra;the regionalist Miguel Ángel Revilla, president of Cantabria; Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP), in Castilla y León, andIsabel Díaz Ayuso(PP), from Madrid they also protested for that reason.

Ayuso says he has fought over international markets to bring the quick tests. ATLAS / EFE Agency

Díaz Ayuso had a general interventionvery critical of Sánchez’s managementalthough he ended up saying, according to sources present in the videoconference, that “Spain is doing a good role in general” if you look at the registration numbers. The PP leader fears thatA “second wave” of contagion in the fall “definitely ruins” the economy.In this context, it was asked what will happen in a few months if there is a rebound in the infected because “Madrid and Spain cannot afford this confinement.” With those words she told herself hours later in an interview on Telemadrid. The president recommended preparing a national tourism campaign for the summer.

Revilla also expressed his wish that the pandemic fight be won before the summer, when the tourism sector records its best figures. It is the main industry in the country, said the President of Cantabria in the videoconference. “It is not going to be that we kill the bug, but we all die with the bug,” he lamented.

Puig supports “Noah’s coffers”

Ximo Puig, from the Valencian Community, applauded the proposal that Moncloa prepares for the asymptomatic and baptized these facilities as the “Noah’s coffers”.

Regarding the need to return tosign some new Pacts of the MoncloaLike those that were made in 1977 after the serious economic crisis of oil, an idea that Sánchez defended on Saturday, Puig said he saw them as necessary because this is the greatest catastrophe that Spain has suffered after the civil war.

Guillermo Fernández-Vara, President of Extremadura, and Mañueco (Castilla y León) also advised working with the autonomous communities to reach a great State agreement to get out of the health crisis.

Feijóo’s complaint

Alberto Núñez Feijóo (PP), president of the Xunta, told Sánchez that he and the rest of his counterparts meet with him on Sundays because “it is good” for Spain, but that it would also be good if in theCouncils of Ministersno decisions will be made with an impact on the regional budgets. He was referring to the employment funds and the decree that almost completely closed the production of the big industries and construction this week. The Moncloa approved that those affected charge a“recoverable paid leave”. Feijóo remarked that he had reserved a part of those employment funds for the naval industry and the automotive industry and now he has seen how that amount has been “half”.

The chief executive replied that this decree, as planned, will end this Thursday (after which the Easter holidays come), but that the government will be “very attentive” to the evolution of the pandemic data in case there is have to do it again.

Support for Eurobonds

Sánchez took the opportunity to ask the regional leadersyour public support for the battle in the European Union:the Government defends the mutualization of public debt, theeurobonds. Until now, Pablo Casado, president of the PP, has not done so. The conservative has denounced that Sánchez is looking for “external enemies” and that this crisis has caught Spain with a public deficit and a debt that is too high for the management of the socialist.


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