The Government prepares a new edition of the Moves Plan with 65 million to encourage “clean” mobility

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Unai Mezcua

Updated:02/19/2020 5:59 p.m.


The Government, through the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE), under the Ministry of Ecological Transition, plans a new plan for aid to clean mobility. As confirmed by the vice president Teresa Ribera in the sectorial conference of Environment and Energy with the Autonomous Communities, the second edition of the so-called Efficient and Sustainable Mobility Incentives Program will be endowed with 65 million euros, 40% more than the first edition.

Like the first call, the aid will be articulated in various programs. The most important will be the one referred to incentivize alternative, electric energy vehicles in the case of passenger cars and gas for trucks and trucks. Other actions will focus on helping financially in the process of installing electric vehicle charging systems; encourage the loan of electric bicycles or implement transport measures to work in companies.

The management of the aid will correspond, in the same way as in the previous year, to the Autonomous Communities, which will receive the transfer by the IDAE.



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