On Friday, Edouard Philippe said he was open to the idea demanded by the "yellow vests". The measure was proposed Sunday by the delegate general of LRM.

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It's a little music that starts to rise as one of the possible answers to "yellow vests". The idea of ​​reindexing the pensions of the most modest pensioners on inflation formulated on Sunday, March 10, by The Republic on the Move (LRM) is making its way. "We must hear the strong concerns expressed by retirees"LRM delegate General Stanislas Guerini said at a meeting to present the presidential party's proposals in the big debate.

And point the "Feeling of injustice" felt by this category of the population, already scalded by the increase of the uncompensated CSG. Mr Guerini, however, was careful not to mention from which threshold retirees would no longer be affected by this decision, which came into force on 1st January.

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The government had decided in the Social Security financing law for 2019 of a quasi-freeze of pensions for this year and the next, revalued only by 0.3%, much less than the inflation that has been established. to 1.8% in 2018. Contrary to the increase of the CSG, this novelty had not been announced during the presidential campaign. But it had allowed the executive to anticipate substantial savings. Thursday, on Franceinfo, the Minister of Public Accounts, Gerald Damarnin, said it would bring in 2019 "Between 2 and 3 billion euros to the state".

Problem: the Constitutional Council had censored the form of this sub-indexing for 2020, forcing the executive to represent this unpopular measure at the next PLFSS in September. In the current context, to say that it would be politically delicate. Valérie Rabault, the president of the Socialist Group of the National Assembly, did not hesitate to be ironic on the proposal of Mr. Guerini, judging that it "Will already exist in 2020, thanks to our recourse [devant le Conseil constitutionnel], and certainly not thanks to him ".

Asked Friday on Europe 1 to know if the government would reindex pensions on inflation, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said he was open to this proposal. "It is true that for many of our fellow citizens who receive small pensions, this deindexation that makes purchasing power is a little trimmed, it must be recognized, is a real concern"he judged.


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