The Government recognizes that the Valencian Community is the one that needs more financing

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According to the Treasury data, the deficit of this region until November was 1,488 million, equivalent to 1.29% of GDP

Vicent Soler, Minister of Finance.

The autonomy deficit until November was3,125 million, a figure that represents 0.25% of GDP. And among all, the one that presented a greater negative balance wasthe Valencian Community, with 1.29% of its GDP, which is equivalent to 1,488 million euros. This circumstance, recognizes the Ministry of Finance, makes itthe region with the most need for financing.

According to data made public on Tuesday by the Ministry of Finance, among the communities whose deficit exceeds 1% are also listedMurcia(432 million, 1.32%),Castilla la Mancha(504 million, 1.17%) andEstremadura(228 million, 1.10%).

On the other hand,Canary Islands, Pas Vasco, Navarra, La Rioja and Asturias, they got supervit while theMadrid’s communityreached budget balance.

The highest surplus was calculated, in absolute terms, Pas Vasco with 804 million euros (1.07% of its GDP) and the Canary Islands (1.30%) and only the Community of Madrid recorded balance in its accounts.

In October of last year, the deficit of all the autonomous communities was3,684 million euros, 0.29% of GDP.

Treasury clarifies that “the deficit of this subsector has improved compared to the accumulated“in October at 30.6%” due to the update in November of deliveries on account of 2019, the month in which “the autonomous” have received 50% of it and the remaining 50% compute in the month of December”.

Until November,revenues have increased 2.5%, although, as already indicated, “it is a still non-homogeneous comparison” and that “will be softened in December” by the decree that regulates the extraordinary update of deliveries on account for 2019, clarifies Finance.

As for the state’s deficit,It stood at 0.87% of GDP, with an interannual reduction of 7.1%, due to the fact that revenues up to November grew 2.6%, an increase higher than that of expenses, which increased by 2% in the same period.

Income Finance inOn-account deliveries for 2019 of the autonomous regionsand local entities and point out that the primary surplus, excluding accrued interest, amounts to 11,793 million euros until November.

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