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The government wants to promote the repairability index

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► Why this repairability index?

Today, we consider that only 40% of end-of-life electrical objects are entrusted to a repairer. The law on the fight against waste and the circular economy of February 2020 aims to increase this share to 60% within five years. To this end, the text instituted since January 1 a repairability index for certain devices for sale.

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The Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili is due to go to Besançon (Doubs) on May 17, in particular, to announce a television communication campaign to raise awareness of this instrument in the service of consumers. The clips are scheduled to run from May 18 to June 4. ” It is a campaign made in particular to reach a fairly young audience who uses smartphones and computers a lot. », Explains a source familiar with the matter.

► How is it established?

The repairability index is only for smartphones, window washers, laptops, televisions and lawn mowers so far, but the list is set to grow. All of these items need to be displayed on store shelves and on e-commerce sites.

To constitute the score, five criteria are taken into account, four of which are common to all the products. First of all, there is the availability of technical documentation relating to advice on use and maintenance. Another criterion: the period of availability of spare parts and their delivery time.

A third criterion is considered: the price of these spare parts and their relation to the price of the new one. This element is important because the price of repairs is considered to be one of the main obstacles to the process. If the price of the repair exceeds 30% of the purchase value of the device, the consumer tends to abandon this possibility, underlines the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe). Finally, the ease of disassembly is taken into consideration with, in particular, the possibility of using common tools.

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The fifth criterion constituting the final mark is specific to each category of articles. For washing machines, for example, this is the presence of a usage counter, remote assistance and software updates.

► Are the manufacturers playing the game?

If the repairability index has been mandatory since January 1, the law has however until 1is January 2022 before imposing sanctions in the event of non-posting. Almost 1,500 products are labeled at Darty, which initially observed a faster rollout for washing machines, smartphones and computers. According to the sign, this has happened more slowly for televisions, possibly due to the upcoming model renewal.

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« Overall it looks like the process is going well, observes for her part Laetitia Vasseur, general delegate of the association Halte à obsolescence programmed (HOP). There is an appreciable acceleration in the display of this index and sometimes, the differences in grades are noticeable between devices.. »

However, the head of HOP points to a lack of transparency in the process. ” It is the manufacturers who rate their products themselves, using a rating grid that takes into account the different criteria, said Laetitia Vasseur. If an industrialist puts himself 7 out of 10 when it comes to the delivery time of spare parts, for example, it is difficult to know exactly what this means in concrete terms. »


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