He Minister council It plans to approve measures on Tuesday to make the temporary hiring of agricultural sector workers more flexible during the harvest season, according to sources from the Ministry of Agriculture. The decree, drawn up between the Ministries of Agriculture and Labor in tune with the Autonomous Communities and the main agrarian associations, will allow hiring unemployed workers and immigrants to try to save the campaigns of the Strawberry Y berries in Andalusia and stone fruit in Aragon or Catalonia.

The Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, acknowledged last week that the Executive was studying a solution to the problem of seasonal workers in the face of the limitations of movements caused by the coronavirus and the collection campaigns in various regions. In Spain, according to the minister’s figures, between 100,000 and 150,000 temp for the next few weeks. These workers usually come in most cases from countries such as Bulgaria or Morocco, but cannot do so in the current circumstances.

The Executive’s solution is to make flexible the hiring in the field of those workers who are in the unemployment, provided that they have not availed themselves of urgent measures to deal with the coronavirus that implies an extraordinary benefit (minimum of 661 euros), as well as facilitating the extension of temporary contracts of immigrants whose work permit ends between the declaration of the state of alarm and June 30, 2020.

The problem of temporary workers is not exclusive to Spain, as explained by the minister last week in an appearance, but is extensible to the entire European Union. In addition to Spain, a country like Germany needs 270,000 seasonal workers; Italy, 200,000, and France, 200,000.


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