The government will discuss further tightening of measures on Monday, Babiš said. The current restrictions allegedly do not work – ČT24 – Czech Television

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According to Babiš, due to the growing number of infected people, especially among the elderly over the age of 65, the government will need to reconsider the measures against coronavirus. “Next week will be crucial. And if a miracle does not happen, we will have no choice but to tighten the measures. Unfortunately, “he said.

He also called for responsibility and solidarity with senior citizens. “I will not promise anything here, because I do not know what will happen to the virus, I do not know,” said the prime minister. He reminded that there is no cure for coronavirus and the number of infected is growing across Europe.

According to Babiš, the light at the end of the tunnel is a vaccine. Preliminary reports are that it could be available from December, he said. According to him, the Czechia should receive half a million vaccines, priority should be given to people over the age of 65, patients with chronic diseases, health professionals or employees in social services. He recalled that the government had ordered 3.5 million benefits in the European Union, which is enough for 1.75 million people.

During his visit to the Letňany hospital on Sunday, Babiš stated that the coronavirus situation in the Czech Republic is not developing well. “Unfortunately, the mobility of people is still high. There are also a large number of people who do not want to comply with the measures. The number of hospitalized people is growing dramatically so far. We have to prepare for the alternative that the capacities of our hospitals would not be able to handle it, “Babiš said at a press conference.

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During it, he also thanked the army and the management of the Prague hospital Na Bulovce for the quick preparation of the field hospital, which is to relieve the Czech healthcare system in the event of an influx of more and more hospitalized infections. “It’s the way Spain handled it, we’ve seen it in Berlin and Poland is also building such a hospital,” the prime minister added.

The army completed work in Letňany

The hospital in the halls of the Letňany Exhibition Center in Prague will be used for patients with the covid-19 disease, it should have five hundred beds. Whether it will be commissioned depends on the development of the coronavirus epidemic.

The hospital is to be used for follow-up care, so patients with covid-19 should be placed in it for further treatment. It could also be used for patients who cannot yet return home or retirement homes due to quarantine. The Minister of Health said in the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday that it will probably be used mainly around November 10, when the largest number of patients with coronavirus is expected in the Czech Republic.

The state and individual hospitals are now trying to increase the number of beds that will be ready for patients with covid-19. Hospitals are postponing non-acute care and some wards are remodeling for the needs of those infected. According to Prymula, 15,500 beds will be prepared for them.

The army started building the hospital in Letňany on Monday, when the main convoy from Hradec Králové brought the material. The soldiers gradually transported more than three hundred tons of equipment from their supplies to the halls of the Letňany Exhibition Center. Additional equipment was provided by the State Material Reserves Administration (SSHR), and new beds purchased by the government were imported by Linet.

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The hospital in Letňany should be launched when the capacity in the “stone” hospitals runs out. Out of 500 beds, only ten should be equipped for intensive care.

The facility will be officially operated by Na Bulovce Hospital, which has leased part of the Letňany Exhibition Center. However, military doctors and paramedics will be deployed on the spot, which the army will withdraw from other hospitals in the event of activation of the hospital. Prymula previously stated that 28 Army doctors and paramedics from the USA, who were offered to the Czech Republic by the United States at the request of Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček (CSSD), could also work in Letňany.

In the Czech Republic, there were 4,577 more infected on Sunday

By Sunday evening, there were 4,577 cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic, about three quarters more than last Sunday in the same period. Sunday numbers tend to be lower than on other days because they are usually less tested.

The number of deaths with covid-19 has increased by 90 to 2,167 since the morning statistics, and the number of patients in serious condition has risen to 800. According to information at 18:00 on the Ministry of Health’s website.

The number of newly confirmed cases of coronavirus thus continues to rise significantly. Saturday set a new record in the Czech Republic in the number of detected cases of coronavirus on a weekend. There were 12,472 of them, about half as much as a week earlier.

On Saturday, the fourth highest daily increase was infected so far, three higher data are from the previous three days. A total of 255,373 people have been infected in the Czech Republic so far, and 97,282 have already been cured. Almost 156,000 people remain ill, most of whom have a mild course of covid-19. The number of patients in serious condition increased by more than a third during the week.

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The numbers of hospitalized and intensive care people are growing rapidly, as are the numbers of deaths from coronavirus. All four days with a hundred or more victims are from the current week. 121 people with covid-19 died on Wednesday, the most in one day so far. There were 94 deaths on Saturday, but the figure may increase with updates in the coming days.



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