The governor of Kuban called the absurd initiative of the Rada to “return” the region :: Politics :: RBC


The first Cossack migrants fled to the southern lands of the Russian Empire from all over the country and its outskirts, Kondratyev said in a conversation with RBC. According to the head of the region, it is difficult to say in percentage terms what nationality they were and from what particular lands they moved to the territory of the present Kuban.

“It was not by chance that I emphasized that it was the current Kuban, because when they moved, the name of the locality“ Kuban ”did not exist! And the land was just the southern border territory of the Russian Empire, ”Kondratyev said and added that“ like Ukraine itself as a state also did not exist. ”

The Kuban Cossacks live “on their Russian land, the land of their ancestors, which they defended at the cost of their own lives,” said the head of the Krasnodar Territory. “But they perfectly remember and pass on from generation to generation that this land was granted to them by Catherine the Great and that her certificate of granting the land, which is currently stored in the regional historical museum, is one of the main regalia of the Kuban Cossack army,” Kondratiev concluded .

This is not the first time Kiev has spoken about the need to “return” the Kuban to Ukraine. In particular, in 2017, Vladimir Omelyan, who was then the Minister of Infrastructure, addressed this topic. In response to his statement that the region belongs to Ukraine, Kondratyev advised "not to tease the Cossacks, who always defended the Kuban as part of Russian land."



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