The Governor of South Sulawesi’s Viral Speech: Why Don’t Get Out of Indonesia – The Governor of South Sulawesi (Sulsel), Andi Sudirman Sulaiman, drew the spotlight after the video of his remarks at the anniversary of the East Luwu Regency (Lutim) went viral on social media (medsos). In this video, Andi Sudirman responded to the demands of the residents of Rampi, North Luwu Regency (Lutra) regarding road repairs and threatened to leave Lutra, South Sulawesi and join Poso City, Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi).

“They said someone wanted to leave South Sulawesi? Why don’t they all leave Indonesia, right?” Sudirman said, quoted through the East Luwu Diskominfo YouTube channel, Friday (13/5).

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Furthermore, in the video, Sudirman admitted that he did not want to build a road there. However, Rampi’s geographical condition is not easy and the South Sulawesi Provincial Government’s financial condition is not strong.

“We’re not not building. Why? We’re certainly going to be gradual. The financial capacity of this region is not as strong as we think. The next time we go to Rampi 80 kilos,” he explained.

He admitted that the South Sulawesi Provincial Government had asked for help from TNI to open an access road in Rampi as a pilot. He said the contours of the land in Rampi were very unstable, so if 1 km of road were to be built, then another 1 km had to be closed.

“I ask North Luwu to design now, how to strengthen the cliffs. Don’t think about the asphalt,” he said.

Separately, the Head of Public Relations, Information and Public Communication of the South Sulawesi Diskominfo, Sultan Rakib said that Andi Sudriman’s statement cut in the form of a video was piecemeal and not complete. He admitted that the delivery of the Governor of South Sulawesi at that time was joking.

“That’s not the context. Just joking and in the full recording, then Mr. Gub asked Indah the Regent of Lutra how much the budget was because the Province could provide financial assistance,” said Sultan Rakib in a written statement, Friday (13/5).

The atmosphere or atmosphere of the plenary room of the DPRD Lutim during the delivery was cheerful. There is absolutely no implied meaning as viral.

“In fact, the Governor is ready to help through financial assistance. Because this (road) is not the responsibility or authority of the provincial government, but this is the district. But the governor is ready to help through financial assistance,” he said. [cob]

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