The Governor Opens the 35th MTQ at the Aceh Province Level at the Sengeda Horse Racing Field, Bener Meriah

REDELONG – The Governor of Aceh, Ir H Nova Iriansyah MT, opened the 35th Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an (MTQ) at the Aceh Province Level, on the Main stage, Sengeda Horse Racing Field, Bener Meriah, Saturday (18/6/2022) last night.

A mass dance performance with the theme “Peace in the Heaven’s Soil” enlivened the opening of the MTQ this time.

Thousands of people attended the event.

Serambi’s observations, the crowds of people who came to the opening of the MTQ with the theme “Awakening from the Pandemic, Towards a Quranic Generation” created a two-lane road from Pante Raya to Simpang Tiga Redelong and vice versa, experiencing quite long traffic jams.

Due to the long traffic jam, the Governor of Aceh, Ir H Nova Iriansyah MT, who came with a group from Central Aceh, arrived late at the location.

So the new event starts at 21.00 WIB.

Even though the event was delayed from the set schedule, this did not stop the community from witnessing various activities at the opening of the musabaqah.

The opening included drum band performances, caravan defile, mass dances, and the raising of the MTQ flag.

After that, it was continued with the handing over of trophies in rotation by the Governor of Aceh to the Regent of Bener Meriah, Tgk H Sarkawi.

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The opening of the 35th MTQ Aceh was attended by the regent/mayor or representatives from 23 districts/cities throughout Aceh.