The Granada-Malaga high-speed connection will be inaugurated in a few weeks but only with one train a day | Radio Granada

The public company Renfe is preparing to inaugurate the high-speed connection between Granada and Malaga at the end of October or the beginning of November, although only with one train, according to the internal plans of the company known by Radio Granada. Renfe official sources assure that ‘there are no specific dates yet’ although they confirm that ‘it is being studied’.

The most modern AVANT trains now destined for Granada (one of them standing in reserve at the station) will not be used for the new link and they will move to other parts of the country.

In addition, Radio Granada anticipates that the second AVE with Madrid -which will begin to operate next day 15- will make the way from Antequera together with a train from Malaga, with which more time will be wasted on docking maneuvers.

Historical marginalization

The history of Granada with the trains is not one of love but of historical disagreement when not of continuous contempt. The de-escalation of the pandemic is being written these weeks and, in terms of rail connections, it means, once again, a absolute marginalization for a land that has recovered 100 percent of the national tourism during the summer. But what comes, is not far behind.

According to the internal plans with which Renfe works today in Granada, the company The high-speed tests between Malaga and Granada will begin next week to start linking the two cities with AVANT trains at the end of the month or the beginning of November.

The company does not officially want to give dates since it is studying whether to start on that date or wait a few more weeks for the trains coming from Algeciras can enter the new urban station of Antequera.

The railway company only prepare one link per day per direction when before the pandemic it was completing three daily trains in each direction. At the time, it was already considered that it was only a beginning because a greater demand was anticipated.

On the one hand, the service is planned with a single train in each direction (going from Malaga to Granada in the morning and back in the afternoon). On the other hand, Renfe does not plan to use the model 114 trains that are currently based in Granada for these connections. What Renfe has planned is take these cars to other parts of Spain and do the service with the same 104 that you now use between Malaga and Seville.

This poor commissioning of the high-speed links between Malaga and Granada is joined by another bad news that Radio Granada also advances: the second AVE between Granada and Madrid that Renfe has announced for October 15 will lose more time than the one already lost in Loja (passing at a donkey’s pace along a nineteenth century route) with the Docking maneuver to the train coming from Malaga with the aim that only one convoy goes to Madrid.

Granada, therefore, not only loses more than half an hour in Loja but now you will waste more time in Antequera waiting for the train from Malaga to travel to Madrid with a single composition.

All the social, political and trade union forces of Granada have unanimously considered in recent weeks a marginalization with this land, a punishment to Granada, the fact that this province is recovering connections after the pandemic at a slower rate than others around it, when tourism growth, for example, in Granada is being one of the largest in the country.