Hundreds of amateur dancers parade in Lyon (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) Sunday afternoon for a grand parade in music as part of the 18th Biennale de la danse.Depuis 18 years, the return is done dancing in Lyon. This year again, the Dance Biennale is in full swing until September 30, with dozens of shows in all styles and on Sunday, September 16th, the big parade, which after being confined to the Gerland stadium there are two years for security reasons, returns to the streets of the capital of Gaul. Until Place Bellecour, hundreds of amateurs who have worked with professionals since the spring will dance in the street. Franceinfo attended the last rehearsal in Vaulx-en-Velin. Dance as a social bond, said like that, it may seem naive, but in this gym, the differences in age, origin, and condition disappear. They are a hundred, from the surrounding cities or upscale neighborhoods of Lyon, focused on their choreography. Young, old, Sunday dancers or wheelchairs, they give the best of themselves. For six months they are here, some are regulars of the parade, others discover it. The dance is what brings together. Here, we leave all our problems to be able to dance, share, likeKadia Farauxà franceinfoBanlieusards or Lyonnais of the city center, more of difference. "It's just happiness," says Youssef, 66, "we keep up, we follow the movement and we meet people." There is a real emotion in seeing this seemingly disparate group share what only dance can give. by its immediacy. "It's also how one apprehends one's body," says Kadia Faraux, the choreographer who coaches these amateurs. "It's a work on self-confidence, whether you're small, big, big, fine, you do not care," she continues. It's a real choreography that they will dance Sunday afternoon, not obvious or easy depending on the levels, but whatever. At the end of the course they will meet those who have learned another dance, on the music of John Lennon's Imagine, in the presence of Lilian Thuram, godfather of this parade for peace. Read also Associated topicsA read on


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