the grandson of Andrei Mironov is more and more reminiscent of the famous grandfather (photo)

The 48-year-old mother showed the face of her two-year-old son Fedya.

Seeing the baby’s eyes, the subscribers felt that the boy was very reminiscent of the actor Andrei Mironov.

Previously, the daughter of a famous actor has already demonstrated to the public what her boy has become. Mom and son were at the zoo. Then Mironova noted that they had a great time: the heir to the People’s Artist studied outlandish animals with interest.

Note that the actress is the only native daughter of the star of “The Twelve Chairs” from her first marriage to Ekaterina Gradova.

Earlier, Maria stated that her son was very reminiscent of her famous father, but it was difficult to believe in it. And finally, she posted a photo where the eyes of the child are clearly visible. According to the subscribers of the star, outwardly Fedor is very similar to his grandfather.

Andrey Mironov’s grandson Fedya. Photo source: social networks

“And the eyes of a grandfather”, “How matured! Now the similarity is obvious”, “I wonder if there will be an actor too?”, — wrote the followers of Maria Mironova.

So far, the talents of young Fedya are just being revealed, and in the meantime, the outrageous Victoria Bonya staged a real theatrical performance in Cannes.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Mikhail Sychev

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