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Home Business The "Great confrontation": haro on the remuneration of 21.8 million François-Henri Pinault

The "Great confrontation": haro on the remuneration of 21.8 million François-Henri Pinault

MONEY – For fiscal year 2018, Kering Group CEO François-Henri Pinault will receive 21.8 million euros. An exceptional remuneration voted on Wednesday by the shareholders, and which made react on the plateau of the Great confrontation. Marine Le Pen and François Bayrou wish that this sum can not be deductible from the company's taxes.

On Wednesday, the shareholders of the luxury group Kering approved the record pay of the CEO François-Henri Pinault. For the year 2018, it will amount to 21.8 million euros, against 2.7 million for 2017, due to the release of long-term performance-based compensation. The group said in March that the majority of the sum, once deducted from taxes and social charges, would be fully reinvested in the group.

But on the set of LCI, where the main leaders of parties were gathered for the Great confrontation, this exceptional remuneration made react. Socialist leader Olivier Faure ruled the latter "excessive" and "indecent", and immediately hit the government. "What is also scandalous is that with this government, dividends are taxed less than work," he added. "Today, someone who lives on his dividends is (…) less (taxed) than an employee who enters the income tax."

If shareholders want to pay a guy for 22 million euros, they have the right to do it but on their dividends. "Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen, she explained that it was not for the entire amount to be deducted from the company's taxes. "I think if shareholders want their boss to be paid 22 million euros, they must be able to do it.There is just one thing I do not agree with. of what the company will pay taxes on. " The president of the National Assembly therefore proposes that up to 1 million euros, the remuneration can be deducted from the tax base of the company. "But above, the shareholder has to pay, if they want to pay a guy for 22 million they have the right to do it but it is on their dividends that the remuneration will be paid, and not on the taxes that the The company must pay. (…) Because it amounts to paying the French an exceptional remuneration. "

François Bayrou agreed with Marine Le Pen. "I always thought that these wages, (…) above a certain sum, should be extracted from the expenses of the company".

For insubordinate France, Adrien Quatennens proposed to "limit the wage gap within the same company from 1 to 20". If the shareholders "want extremely expensive leaders, they can maintain the remuneration, but to keep the gap they will also have to increase the lowest wages," he explained.



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