The great game Wolfenstein The New Order is free for PC

Image for article titled Wolfenstein: The New Order, one of the best FPS in years, is free for PC

Image: Bethesda.

the saga Wolfenstein is one of the most mythical since its debut more than 40 years ago, and during the last decade it has seen a kind of reboot which began in 2009 but achieved its best result in 2014, with the arrival of Wolfenstein: The New Orderconsidered one of the best FPS games of the last decade.

Now that game can be yours completely free on PC.

The New Order takes place in a world in which the Nazis won World War II. BJ Blazkowicz, S.u protagonist, will try to stop the Reich in its attempt for world domination. And although his plot is quite interesting and even cinematic, the most important thing is that he will have many weapons to fulfill his objective, and he will have to face countless villains and Nazi machines.

The gameplay of Wolfenstein: The New Order it is spectacular, full of very fast action in the best FPS style classics, but with a modern design and graphics that were impressive at the time. In 2017 came its sequel, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossuswhich was the same again as the first, so when you’re done with The New Order do not stop playing the next installment of the saga.

You can purchase it for free permanently and download it from this link on the Epic Games Store.